Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mizzou Baseball Scout Day: Unis & Positions

The photos below provide a quick look (through the imperfect lens of my iPhone) of the new Nike style of the practice uniforms.  The actual game day unis may be different, but this gives us an idea what to expect.

I'm partial to the grey (Nike anthracite) jersey myself.  But then, I'm such a fun guy, my favorite color is grey.

I posted the official Fall Roster earlier today, but here's a closer look at the positions the coaches assigned the players for today's game.  It was hard to keep track because the printed rosters and positions for the game did not match what was on the field at times, as players did not necessarily play the same position throughout the game.  But this is my best recording of what the printed rosters said plus what I observed while I was there.  Other players may have gotten into the game after I left.

C - Ivory, Quintanilla, Kelly
1B - Stark, Lester, Steele
2B - Everett, Meyer, Keeton
3B - Segovia, Moore
SS - Keeton, McGraw
LF - Munson, Sommerfeld
CF - Belfonte, Champagne, Pearson
RF - Pearson, Opel, Sommerfeld
DH - Ullrich, Byrd

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