Monday, December 12, 2011

Southern Exposure: Getting to know the SEC

The point & counterpoint of the Cohen/Forrest Moore civil suit (
The representation of Mississippi State University and head baseball coach John Cohen have requested a summary judgment to the civil lawsuit against them by former player Forrest Moore.

In a 22-page legal response filed in Oktibbeha County Circuit Court Monday, Mississippi State's legal counsel has provided evidence to support a counter argument to Moore's suit that alleges Cohen and Associate Athletic Director Mike Nemeth with the breach of contract, intentional/tortious interference with contract and civil conspiracy.
. . .
But .....The Dispatch MSU Sports Blog had to decide on a way to bring you, the loyal reader, a summary of what has happened in this case that the person unfamiliar with complicated legal language can fully understand.

Not to worry - what this post is going to do is go through the charges of Moore's legal team in the the civil suit and then give the counter argument of MSU and Cohen's legal counsel:


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