Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SEC Dixie-nary: O is for Outstanding Performances

O is for Outstanding Performances

Long-time Mizzou Baseball fans can tell you that Pete Incaviglia or Robin Ventura are probably the best players ever in the Big 8.  And we can quickly come up with a list of other outstanding players, like Phil Bradley of Missouri, Darin Erstad of Nebraska. Bobby Witt of Oklahoma, and others.

The SEC has seen its share of superstars over the decades, as well:

  • Single season Batting Average:  .525; 1983, David Magadan, Alabama
  • Career Batting Average: .439; 1981-83, David Magadan, Alabama
  • Single season Home Runs: 40, 1997, Brandon Larson, LSU
  • Career Home Runs: 80, 1995-1998, Eddy Furniss, LSU
  • Single season RBI: 118, 1997, Brandon Larson, LSU
  • Career RBI: 308, 1995-1998, Eddy Furniss, LSU
  • Single season Stolen Bases: 67, 1999; Brian Roberts, South Carolina
  • Single Season Wins: 18, 1985, Jeff Brantley, Mississippi State
  • Career Wins: 45; 1998-2001, Kip Bouknight, South Carolina AND 1982-1985, Jeff Brantley, Mississippi St.
  • Single Season ERA:  0.21. 1970, Rick Farizo, LSU
  • Single Season Strikeouts: 202, 1989, Ben McDonald, LSU
  • Consecutive Scoreless Innings: 47.2, 1994, Todd Helton, Tennessee
  • Single Season Saves: 21, 2002, Blake Taylor, South Carolina
  • Career Saves: 41, 2005-2008, Joshua Field, Georgia
National Player of the Year Awards:
  • 1983, Dave Magadan, Alabama (Golden Spikes)
  • 1985, Will Clark, Mississippi State (Golden Spikes)
  • 1987, Derek Lilliquist, Georgia (Baseball America)
  • 1989, Ben McDonald, LSU (Golden Spikes)
  • 1992, Lloyd Peever, LSU (Collegiate Baseball)
  • 1995, Todd Helton, Tennessee (Collegiate Baseball)
  • 1997, Tim Hudson, Alabama (Smith Award)
  • 1998, Brad Wilkerson, Florida (NCBWA)
  • 1999, Eddy Furniss, LSU (Dick Howser Award)
  • 2000, Kip Bouknight, South Carolina (Smith Award, Collegiate Baseball)
  • 2007, David Price, Vanderbilt (Brooks Wallace)
National Collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Will Clark, Mississippi State
  • Ben McDonald, LSU
  • Rafael Palmiero, Mississippi State
  • Todd Walker, LSU
  • Eddy Furniss, LSU
  • Dave Magadan, Alabama
  • Skip Bertman, Coach, LSU
  • Joe Sewell, Alabama
Will Clark & Rafael Palmiero
In addition to the players listed above, the following players are repeatedly mentioned as among the best ever in the SEC:
  • Joey (Albert) Belle, LSU
  • Alvin Dark, LSU
  • Bo Jackson, Auburn
  • Joe Sewell, Alabama
  • Frank Thomas, Auburn

Also check out Best All-Time SEC Baseball Player at secsportsfan.com, a passionate argument for Todd Helton as the best ever.

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