Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mizzou in the Majors: Kinsler the Catalyst

Kinsler sparks Rangers' rally in 9th (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
Kinsler, though, spoiled Garcia's outing and kept the Rangers from losing the first two games of the World Series for a second consecutive year.

"It wasn't a series-saving rally, but it was huge," he said. "We're just happy that the series is tied up and we're going back to Texas."
Former MU Base Cadet Ian Kinsler
World Series Game 2: The Fleeting Nature Of Baseball Genius (
Enter Ron Washington. You might have expected a bunt from Elvis Andrus, who led the league with 17 sacrifice bunts last year and laid down 16 more this year. Washington flashed a signal to third-base coach Dave Anderson, who relayed the secret to Andrus.

Kinsler had something else in mind.
Key stat: Kinsler's hitting .571 (
Ian Kinsler is doing everything you want from your leadoff hitter.

In two games he has five hits, a walk, a stolen base and has scored a run. And he usually struggles on the road, which bodes well for him returning to Rangers Ballpark.
Podcast: Ian Kinsler is better than you think (

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