Monday, October 31, 2011

Conference Hokey-Pokey™: #RealignmentCostume

A popular hashtag on Twitter in the past 24 hours has been #RealignmentCostume, with some hilarious suggestions:

  • @KegsNEggs: For Halloween, I think I'll dress up as the state of Missouri and choose NOT to go to anyone's party. #RealignmentCostume
  • @trripleplay: Go as Truman the Tiger & ignore the mouthy guy in the Jayhawk costume & bad toupee who keeps telling you what to do #realignmentcostume
  • @Tiger2Be: Go as Nebraska, leave the party first because you know the cops are about to show up and the party is gonna fall apart #RealignmentCostume
  • @TheUpsetBlog: Go as Colorado. Do nothing, but somehow still get asked home by the hottest girl in the neighborhood. #RealignmentCostume
  • @SG_Mizzou15: Go as the Big East. Play basketball with a few friends while everyone else gets bored and leaves your party. #RealignmentCostume
  • @Tiger2Be: Go as WVU, and pick up the girl right as her boyfriend dumps her for a hot southeastern girl. #RealignmentCostume
  • @TheUpsetBlog: Dress up as a pony. Write a letter to the cow who is throwing the biggest party and plead to be invited. #SMU #RealignmentCostume
  • @BlockU: Go as Notre Dame. Come in an uninspiring costume, sit around doing nothing & watch everyone say how great you are. #RealignmentCostume
  • @Trripleplay: Go as Tigerboard - leave your J-School or Business School grad costume at home and instead go as Gossip Girl #realignmentcostume

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