Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 Draft: Brandon Platts drafted by Pirates

Brandon Platts, RHP, a Mizzou recruit, was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates organization as the 392nd overall pick in the 13th round of the MLB Draft.

Twitter commenters seem to think he will likely pass on the Pirates and go to Mizzou.

Platts picked in 13th round by Pittsburgh Pirates (Globe Gazette)
The right-handed pitcher who signed with Missouri was a first-team all-state selection last year with an ERA of 1.08 and a 10-0 mark.

"I'm really excited. I knew when I woke up today it would be an exciting day for our program," Mohawk coach Troy Rood said. "He's a special talent. He's maximized that by the hard work he's put in."

Platts' next decision will come in the coming weeks when he will have to decide to pursue a professional baseball career or head to Columbia, Missouri.
. . .
"The draft is a funny thing," Platts said a couple weeks back. "There's been guys that go in the 10th round that were supposed to go in the 20th round.

"And there's guys that go in the 20th round that were supposed to go in the 10th round."

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