Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mizzou in the Majors: Post-Season

Rays force Game 4 after rally vs. Rangers (
Ian Kinsler led off the Rangers' seventh and smashed a 386-foot homer down the left-field line off Garza to put the Rangers up 2-1.

Kinsler to Rays fans: Stop worrying about umpires (
"It's tough to win when you're (complaining) about a call from the previous day," Kinsler said Friday at Rangers Ballpark, where the series resumes Saturday. "It seems like they were still talking about the Carlos Pena call, which is basically a non-issue because it hit the bat. And it's tough to be a good crowd when you're worried about umpires. We were able to take them out; they were interested in the umpires and it worked out well for us."

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