Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fields of Faith

Andreas Plackis, MU Baseball Junior Catcher, was one of the featured speakers Wednesday night at Fields of Faith at the Hearnes Center. The event, sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was attended by several hundred students.

A number of MU athletes - including former MU football player Brad Ekwerekwu - shared their testimonies in between sets by the Christian Campus House worship band. These were not the stereotypical "Jesus wants me to win" messages, but heartfelt stories of learning humility and reliance on faith.

Plackis spoke from his heart about learning to stop playing the game of baseball just for himself or for the people in the stands. Instead, he envisions Jesus Christ as he comes up to bat, reminding himself, "It's just not possible for me to let Jesus down, because Jesus is the one who holds me up."

Andreas mentioned a low point this past Spring, a game where he went 0-for-5 and wore the "golden sombrero", striking out four times. The only thing that gets him though times like that, he said, is having learned not to base his happiness on his baseball accomplishments.

"Not basing my happiness on my sport really frees me up to play," he said, freeing him of the stress he was feeling when he was "building his house on the sand" of personal success.

Here's a Tip of the Cap to Andreas Plackis and the other Mizzou athletes who have the courage and strength to take a stand and to reach out to help other students.

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