Sunday, March 28, 2010

Game Day: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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• 3rd year running, our pen just blows every conceivable opporutnity

• Tiger baseball. Let's face it. We are not going to win very many Conf. games this year.

• TJ seems to crumble in pressure situations. That includes pressure filled seasons and pressure filled game situations.

• Predictably atrocious offensive performance tonight.

•Congrats to the ladies. Earlywhine is an amazing coach

• His name is Earleywine. Early-whine is what MU baseball fans do after going 0-2 in conference

On the other hand, not everyone is ready to turn tail and run:

• The wreck is behind us now. Stand up and fight again!! TAMU ranked 21st? Pitchers tauted as 1st round draft pick?

By the stats Tigers jerked their jock to their ankles, we out hit and out fielded um today. Just focus on the fix and out score um. I'm enyoying watching this team grow.

• This team will learn how to win games like this

Aggies rally past Mizzou, 5-4 (

Check out the great video highlights of Saturday's wild game. This is not a Tiger team afraid to battle hard in the Big 12.

Rob Childress: “Every Big 12 game is going to be a dogfight. Our new players are learning that. There are no gimmies in this league. It doesn’t matter what day or what team you’re playing. They are a fight. If you’re not ready for a fight, you’re going to leave the field with a loss.”

Missouri baseball team struggles in college Station (Columbia Missourian)
“I was pleased with how we battled,” Missouri coach Tim Jamieson said in a
release. “We played hard, but made a lot of mistakes. We gave away a lot of free
bases and you can’t win if you do that against a good team.”

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