Monday, May 27, 2013

A Tip of the Cap from

Back in the mid-90's a Mizzou Baseball fan known as Kegger ran a website called  You can read his farewell post here.

As Kegger said in his farewell, "the University has started, and they are finally able to provide information in a timely fashion". But while they were able, actually following through on that capability was another thing.  The Athletic Department's foray into the internet was in its infancy and more focused on football and basketball than anything else.

And so I picked up the baton from Kegger and began, first at MSN Groups (now defunct), and then here on Blogger.

And now, about 14 or 15 years later, this is my farewell post.

The athletic department, through and through their new "strategic communications" effort, are now doing a pretty good job of covering MU Baseball "in a timely fashion".

And I just don't have the time I used to have for an unproductive, unprofitable and often thankless time-gobbler.

However, I'm not going to quit covering Mizzou Baseball completely.

I plan to continue to point fans to good info and links by way of Twitter (follow me @trripleplay).  And if you'll look at the left-hand column here on the home page, you'll see there's now a feed of everything I post on Twitter, for those of you who would rather continue visiting this blog instead of figuring out Twitter.
And I'm still occasionally going to be writing some longer pieces about Mizzou recruits, MU alums in the pros, and whatever else strikes me as useful, at, the best source for Mizzou Sports on the internet.  Tweets linking to those posts will also be on the Twitter feed.

I plan to leave tise site open and active for a long while.  The Twitter feed will keep on ticking and I'll try to keep the lists of links updated along the left and right columns, which I've worked to make the best list of Mizzou Baseball related links available.

You might want to make sure your bookmarks or favorites link to the full URL of this site,  in case I decide some day to stop paying GoDaddy $8.95 a year to keep the URL active.

So, while this blog is going into semi-hibernation, I'll still be around.  You can find me on Twitter and on RockMNation.  You can still e-mail me with questions and comments at simmonsfield @ .  And, of course, you can find me in Section E, Row 4, Seat 1 at Simmons Field, ever faithful to Mizzou Baseball.

Thanks to all who have made this worthwhile.


  1. And now I feel like a Jerk for reading this site for years and never saying thanks.

    It has been great, I look forward to carrying on reading your excellent work at rockmnation.

  2. Thank you for your many years of reporting and support. I have a very vested interest in the team and truly appreciate all that you've done. Best of luck to you!

  3. I can't express how much I admire what you've done here at and, more importantly, what a service you've provided for those who follow Missouri baseball. I regret that our paths never crossed while I was covering the team, but I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

    -Alex Silverman

  4. I got in the habit of clicking on just about everyday hoping for new news on recruits and info on anything Mizzou baseball. Your updates and great info will be sadly missed. I thank you for the many years of knowledge you have handed down. You have helped keep Mizzou baseball alive.

  5. For the last 6 years you were my go to for everything Mizzou Baseball up here in Canada! Thank you for your time and effort in keeping us all informed.

    Jay Bell
    Missouri Baseball 96-98

  6. And a tip of the cap to you, Jay Bell, for providing a memorable mid-week thrashing of the Jayhawks back in the day.