Friday, November 6, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

Taylor Stadium has a full update (with pictures) on Construction in Full Swing at Taylor Stadium. Photos show the new scoreboard, the framework of the new indoor practice facility, and the beginnings of the new brick wall that will will border the field around the foul lines.

MU in the Minors has a review of the Frederick Keys 2009 Pitchers, including Rick Zagone (05-07), with some frank comments from Keys manager Richie Hebner:
"A crafty lefty, not overpowering. He'll repeat in Frederick I would think. He's got to be just right. When we first got him, watching him pitch was like watching grass grow.

"I told him 'you got to pick it up.' He did and started to pitch better. One night I told him 'when you pitch we have to stop the game in the 5th and cut the grass, that's how slow you're pitching.'"
Andrew Johnston (05) is scheduled to play in the Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Showcase this Saturday. Details at

Garrett Broshuis (02-04) has a new entry in his Suitcase Chronicles: Answering the Mail (
Why do baseball players spit? I found that the submandibular glands produce
over 70 percent of human saliva. Well, apparently throwing a baseball is
directly linked to overactive glands. The repeated internal rotation of the
shoulder stimulates these glands, resulting in increased growth and increased
saliva output. It's similar to an overactive bladder. We can't control it, and
it's actually embarrassing. The result: We spit more than camels.

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