Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mizzou Baseball 2010 Recruits

Franklin senior Ian Ekery signs with Missouri (El Paso Times)

Wearing the black and gold of the University of Missouri, Ekery signed with the Tigers on Monday as he sat between his parents, Alan and Adj, in the Franklin library.

"It's amazing; it's almost surreal," Ian Ekery said. "You almost can't put this into words. I've dreamed of playing college baseball all my life, since I was a kid, and getting to go to the Big 12 and have an opportunity like this, it's amazing."

. . .

Success helped garner interest from several colleges -- such as Texas A&M and UCLA -- but Mizzou captured the youth's heart.

"Basically, a lot of schools in big cities tend to get lost in the town, as another part of what there is to do in the town, whereas at Mizzou, you got a little over a third of the town's population going to the school," Ian Ekery said. "Everyone's at the football game. The city life revolves around the college and college athletics."

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