Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mizzou Baseball Hype !!!!

If you're as tired as I am of reading about every minor detail about each milli-second of MU Football preseason practice ( today had an in-depth look at the football equipment room!!??!!), here's what you've been waiting for:
First Day of Mizzou Baseball Player Workouts Hype!!!
@CoachPietro began his day posting on Twitter:
Long sunrise run this morning, good weather so far, first day of player workouts... Gonna be a good one! #MIZ
♦ Freshman infielder Case Munson is celebrating Mizzou Baseball Christmas!!! (photo)

♦ Sophomore outfielder Brannon Champagne is enjoying the semi-celebrity life !!!
Had a photo shoot today with a make up lady and everything. Just #babysteps in achieving my dream which is to be an #actor (@BChampagne6 on Twitter)
@MUTigerBaseball (aka MU Baseball's SID Shawn Davis) is spiffing up the trophy case with some great memorabilia.

♦ Freshman RHP Brandon Platts took time out from trying on the new free UnderArmour gear to get in some throwing. Considering he has been rehabbing from an injury through the summer, it's good to see his tweet:
Throwing felt really good today (@BPlatts05)
♦ Another freshman RHP, Brett Graves, was also glad to get started today:
Rockin #7 in the black and gold. First day of training went well! Ready to actually start pitching (@BGsmooth5)
♦ Tiger student-athletes @salbelf22 and @LandonLucansky4 are dealing with the ups and downs of the back-to-the-books life

♦ I'll let the Tiger player who rote this ironic tweet remain anonymous:
If I miss a class in English I have to right a 2 page paper. #perfect
♦ And good news: Shawn Davis promises a feature on later this week. Hopefully he's talking about a baseball feature, but most likely he's writing about volleyball this time of year (they open their season this weekend with the 2011 Tiger Invitational)

176 Days and Counting !!!!!

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