Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Ballpark Music on Easter Weekend

Since the results of today's games do not inspire me for blogging, I'll just wax poetic about the joy of spending a day at the ballpark for a double header.

I arrived early for the 2:00 first game - around 12:30. The Tom Botts Invitational was underway at the Track. Softball was underway over at University Field. And batting practice was underway on Simmons Field.

So I stood at the top of the grandstand, alternately watching the track meet and the batting practice, enjoying the variety of music blaring from the speakers just above my head.

A dad and mom and their young son (7-8 years old, I'd guess) soon came to stand near me and enjoy the experience, as were other families and kids who were arriving at the ballpark.

And the song that welcomed them in true Black & Gold Mizzou Spirit:
Someone full of fun
Do me 'till I'm well done
Little Bo Peep
Cumin' from my stun gun
Beware take care
Most motherfuckers
Have a cold ass stare
Aw baby please be there
Suck my kiss cut me my share

I realize that's not what you came here to read on this fine Easter weekend. But I figure if that's the message the Athletic Department wants representing All We Call Mizzou at Simmons Field, then perhaps I should include the same uplifting poetry here at

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, everyone.

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