Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes

MU in the Minors

For minor league hopefuls, baseball is only a summer job (St. Louis Globe Democrat)

At Balls-n-Strikes, Mantle’s hardly alone. Aaron Jaworowski (95-97) one of the co-owners of the company, played in the minors for both the Minnesota Twins and the New York Yankees. He can relate to the troubles that minor leaguers face in finding work, and states that at least 75 minor leaguers have been employed at one of the five area franchises since its founding.

These minor leaguers in turn educate a future generation of St. Louis baseball players. According to the company’s website, 121 former students of Balls-n-Strikes have been drafted—including high profile picks such as Jacob Turner and Max Scherzer (04-06). Instructors such as Mantle no doubt helped them tremendously, and it’s a process he greatly appreciates.

“Teaching and simply being around the kids, watching them truly enjoy every minute, makes me realize how fortunate I am to still be playing the same game today,” he says.
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Brock Bond's (06-07) current activities are also discussed in the article.

Polls & Rankings

THE NCBWA has kicked off the early pre-season polls & rankings season by releasing their 2010 Pre-Season All Americans. There are no Missouri Tigers on the list. Not only that, but there is only one Big 12 player on the first team, plus 2 on the 2nd team and none on the 3rd team.

Summer Bal

Garrison McLagan has signed to play his summer ball with the Cowlitz Black Bears of the West Coast League, according to The Black Bears are coached by former Tiger Bryson Leblanc (05-06).

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